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MTS: A Premier Triathlon with a Local Heartbeat


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.31.05 AM

For 14 years, triathletes have been flocking to San Luis Obispo, CA to race one of the most beautiful and competitive triathlons in the state, the March Triathlon Series. It is not only a destination for one of the few Olympic distance races in California, but it also holds the prestige of being the West Coast Collegiate Championship Race, which draws the top athletes from colleges all over the West Coast.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.31.11 AM

MTS is seen as the premier triathlon of the year for collegiate triathletes, and it is put on by none other than students on the Cal Poly Triathlon Team. The race is the culmination of hundreds of hours of training and preparation for a large majority of athletes, but it is also a community event, one that Cal Poly gives so much time and effort into making amazing.

The ties between the Cal Poly Tri Team and GH Sports are understandably strong, and the packet pick-up for MTS is held at our store. GH Sports offers huge discounts all day long, helping everyone gear up for the race the next day, and GH also manufactures the top finisher t shirts that are presented at the awards ceremony.

With the beautiful landscape, the enthusiasm of thousands of competitors and spectators, and a local heartbeat, MTS is and will continue to be a race not worth missing.


-Kevin Jervis, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Triathlete


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Pro Tec – get rolling toward feeling great

If you have yet to try Pro-Tec Orbs (a more intense and targeted version of the traditional foam rolling technique), it’s time you give them a go. The phrase “no pain, no gain” does come to mind when using the Pro-Tec Orbs, but in the best way possible. Here’s a little more about the orbs and how they compare with the still very useful foam rollers.



3″ Pro-Tec Spiky Massage Ball


5″ Pro-Tec Orb Massage Ball


4.5″ Pro-Tec Orb Extreme

When To Use It: Whenever I need a more intense, aggressive massage for really tight or sore muscles, I use one of the orb massagers.

What It’s Great For: I find the Pro-Tec massage orbs are great for targeting specific areas in my hamstrings, calves, IT band, and quadriceps. The orb shape allows me to roll and move in any direction and target tight spots.

The massaging orbs really give the feel of a deep tissue massage. What’s nice is the massaging orbs come in different sizes to help concentrate on larger or smaller areas and different densities for increased massage intensity. Check out the full range of options on our website.


When To Use It: If you are looking for something relaxing and less intensive, the foam roller is the way to go.

What It’s Great For: Pro-Tec foam rollers are mainly focused on increasing flexibility and relieving tight muscles in regions like the lower back and hamstring. Similar to the massage orbs, the foam rollers are used by lowering the weight of targeted areas of your body onto the roller, and then slowly and deliberately rolling along the muscle.

Some techniques and positions can be found below, and more information can be found on the Pro-Tec website. 

-Kevin Jervis, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Triathlete

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Meet the GH Team: Meg!

Megan Kearney
: Ventura, CA
College: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Major: Liberal Studies
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2018
Started working at GH: December 2016


Megan Kearney smiling big in the big California Bay Area!


Q&A with Meg…

Do you have a nickname?
Most people call me Meg.

Where did you grow up and how did that shape you as a person?
I grew up in Ventura, CA where I had a very family-oriented community. Growing up in Venture taught me the importance of having a community that takes care of one another and supports each other.

What inspired you to choose to work at GH Sports?
I gained a interest for running and swimming when I was in elementary school and I have carried that through to now. I want to share my interest and help others while also learning more about the sports myself.

What has been the most unusual or interesting job you’ve had?
The most interesting job I have had was working in a special education classroom. This is where I found my love for teaching and working with special education programs.

What are some things you’ve done at GH so far that have surprised you?
So far I have spent time learning more about gait analysis and the dynamics of shoes that I didn’t know about. It has surprised me to learn how much can vary from one customer’s gait to another.

Why did you choose to attend Cal Poly and what excites you most about your studies?
I have always had an interest in teaching children. When I began looking into colleges, I discovered Cal Poly’s Liberal Studies and Child Development programs. They are very interactive and I will gain a lot of first-hand experience this way.


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360 lbs of recycled shoes are good for the sole

Thanks to our generous customers and supportive community bringing their recycled (both gently and not-so-gently worn) walking/running shoes to our donation bin at GH Sports, our most recent shipment of shoes to PROJECT SOLE weighed in at…

360 lbs!

Project Sole is a humanitarian organization that unites shoes and compassion to relieve suffering, care for the poor and enhance the quality of life.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 11.04.56 PM.png

You can recycle your old walking/running shoes to be cleaned and gifted to an individual in need of a pair! Drop them by GH Sports at 3765 S. Higuera, Suite 100, San Luis Obispo, CA anytime during business hours Mon-Friday 10am – 5:30pm or Sat 10am – 5pm. We collect donations all year and ship stockpiles directly to Project Soles.

Thank you for helping us help Project Soles!

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The NEW GH Munich Sport Pant – 50th Anniversary Edition!


As a part of this year’s GH Sports 50th Anniversary Celebration, our design team sought out a thicker, softer fabric that more closely replicates the original fabric from the premier HIND Munich.

The result? Our newest version of the GH Munich – the 50th Anniversary Edition
for men & women

The New Fabric

This new silky soft fabric (87% Polyester and 13% Spandex) features a comfortable feel, breathability, and moisture wicking properties.

The fabric is thicker* (a 13.05 oz material) to provide extra warmth during cold weather workouts or while running errands during frosty mornings.

 Great Design, Fit, and Function

  • Design:  Technical fabric that is cut and designed for cold weather. Plus, deep pockets on both hips make it an ideal warm-up/cool-down pant.
  • Fit:  Form fitting enough to be functional while you workout, but loose enough to eliminate concerns of clinging. Available in cuts for both men and women.
  • Function: 9″ ankle zippers down the calf allow for easy on/off transitions and its drawstring allows for a personal fit
  • Made in USA: Designed and manufactured at GH Sports in San Luis Obispo, CA – where all GH Sportswear is made.

*Looking for a lighter-weight fabric that offers greater sweat-wicking properties but has the same fit? Try the Munich Light Tight for me or the Munich Light Tight for women.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation on October 1, 2016


50 years is worth celebrating, and you’re invited to do just that! Pop by GH Sports on Saturday, October 1, 2016 between 9am – 6pm for a 1-day only FLASH ANNIVERSARY SALE.

Get a POPPIN’ 20%-70% OFF Everything in Store at GH Sports

  • Walking, Running, Hiking Shoes (Saucony, Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Altra, etc)
  • Run, Cycle, Swim, Fitness Wear (Made in San Luis Obispo, CA!)
  • Swim Suits, Fins, Goggles, Paddles
  • Nutrition & Hydration
  • Triathlon Wetsuits
  • Orthotics, Hats, Socks, Watches
  • Kid’s Items
  • And More…EVERYTHING!!


Can’t make it to the store between 9am- 6pm >>>> call in a phone order to 805.544.6019 OR 877-428-9447.

A premier ALTRA demo run/walk

  • 8am start at GH Sports
  • A ALTRA shoe rep will fit you in a shoe to demo for free
  • Test NEW ALTRA running shoes
  • Up to a 3 mile walk or run
  • Strollers, dogs on leash welcome!
  • No RSVP required


A chance to meet Guide Dog for the Blind Puppies

  • Pet and play with the cutest puppies!!
  • Apply to become a Puppy Raiser!
  • Learn how Guide Dogs for the Blind improves lives


Learn fitness techniques from ATHLON Elite Fitness & Performance

  • How high can you jump? Test your skills!
  • Speak with skilled fitness trainers on being healthy and fit
  • Get your chance to win FREE Athlon Training Sessions


GH Sports  //  3765 S. Higuera, Suite 100, San Luis Obispo, CA
(805) 541-6019  // // M-F 10am – 5:30pm; Sat 10am – 5pm


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Let’s TEAMup! for Water Polo // Team Suits by GH Sports

_E3S1673.jpgGH Sports has manufactured water polo suits for over 30 years with durability, longevity and comfort in mind. In addition to selling direct to individual water players, we provide water polo team suits to competitive high school water polo teams, nationally-ranked collegiate _E3S1639.jpgwater polo teams, and master level water polo teams.

“I am on the Cal Poly Women’s Polo Team and I used this suit for the better part of our past 5 month season. Not only was it one of the longest lasting suit I have worn since I started playing 14 years ago but it is also by far the most comfortable. The thick fabric makes it tough to grab and rip even if you are not sizing way down. I highly recommend this suit to any ladies who play the sport.”  – Leah


The GH WP-Endur Water Polo suits are designed to provide you with the durability, support and comfort needed during water polo matches and practices. Both the men’s water polo suit and women’s water polo suit are made from a thick single layer WP-Endur fabric that is a blend of 93% polyester (that helps the suit withstand countless uses in chlorinated water) and 7% spandex (that allows the suit to be form fitting and flexible for a perfect fit).

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.29.50 PM

nationally-ranked Cal Poly Women’s Water Polo Team wearing GH Sports WP-Endur Water Polo Suits

WOMEN’S DESIGN – more details here
The women’s suit has cover stitching around the seams to ensure flexibility, comfort and performance. Its flat seams down the sides of the body and at the bottom of the suit reduce chaffing and irritation. The suit’s back zipper closure provides a snug fit.

MEN’S DESIGN – more details here
The men’s cover stitch and drawstring waist allows for both a comfortable fit during practices and tight fit during games. Its single flat seam stitch at the bottom of the suit reduces chance of irritation and movement. It’s designed with a low rear cut.


The teams that place bulk orders of our suits receive a special team discount.


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.18.03 PM

Great for competition and practice suits, the GH Water Polo suits are customizable with team logos or designs.



phone: local 805.541.6019 or toll free 877-428-9447